As we were thrown into a shutdown in our city of Murrieta and our lives were turned upside down, I was forced to find some self motivation to workout. Because my job is so physically demanding, I found myself feeling tight in my hips and joints from sitting more. My anxiety started increasing and I knew I had to do something. I came across these live classes while on FB from Michelle with Sweat Cardio and Yoga Temecula, so I thought I would try one. I tried a class for anxiety and was amazed how I felt afterwards. I honestly felt like I was in a private class. Michelle has done many classes on stretching that focus on areas that I need to work on. I have since been doing a variety of classes with her. If I am unable to do them at the time she does them live, I LOVE that I can find them here and do them later! I have also done the same ones multiple times. I actually like working out at home now, which is something I have never been consistent with. Thank you Michelle for inspiring me, helping me to feel better and have a more positive focus through!   Stacy Ebert 

Sweat Cardio and Yoga is filled with AMAZING teachers who work hard alongside you, to bring out the very best in you. I LOVE ALL of their classes. The variety of workouts they offer each week, ensures that I achieve my personal goals and continue to feel motivated while working out at home. I love Barre, Chisel, Bootie Camp Yoga, HIIT and Sculpt Yoga, Pilates, Stretching and Boot Camp. I hope you try them all and find your own favorites.Nicole Kailiuli 

Hey Michelle!I just wanted to give a shoutout to your amazing workout place, which is now online. A friend of mine suggested I take some fun online classes “with her” while my family was self-quarantining in the snowy mountains of Idaho. So I started taking Michelle’s classes. They are perfect 40-45 minute sessions. Just the right amount of work. Your amazing positivity and attitude put a smile on my face each time I take one of her classes. There is no judgement and you offer so many options to modify. Everything from stretch yoga, barre, Pilates, yoga for anxiety (so funny with you wearing a onesie), booty camp yoga, you name it. I didn’t have the required weights at my place in Idaho but it all worked just fine. 3 weeks later we came back to San Diego where we actually live and had to self quarantine again. So I continued on. Then I started incorporating Theresa’s chisel classes and it was the perfect mix! If I only had a bike at home I’d even do spin. Now I want to check out the afternoon Tabata, HIIT classes as well as other instructors. Michelle has done this right. I can see it on FB, IG or YouTube. If you miss the usual 9:00 or 10:00am classes-no worries! Just get online and do them later. Great job Michelle. I love it. Linda-Cardiff by the Sea

"Same great classes as in the studio, but done in my living room, backyard, bedroom, or by the pool! I love that I can take the recorded classes anytime, and I even schedule work outs with friends. (One friend did her classes in Idaho surrounded by snow, while I did it in the Temecula sunshine!) I love the variety of classes (especially Bootie Camp Yoga!), how easy it is to join a class, and how amazing I feel after each class!! I also know that Michelle keeps me motivated... without her support I’m pretty sure I would just be laying in bed... eating...Thank you Michelle! You are a bright, cheery, gift to our community! ❤ Ming" Temecula, CA

"What can I say I'm hooked! Never did Yoga or Pilates before and thanks to Mich I'm loving it. I love the diverse classes and how they are applied with weights and bands. Classes are
easy to understand and staff is so easy to relate with. I feel so much better doing these classes be it a hardcore workout like Barre or needing some Zen with gentle Yoga I feel complete
and my body feels great! I highly recommend mixing these classes thru out the week! Thank you Mich and staff for all you do! Namaste 🙏❤️"  Yvette Turner  Coachella, CA

"I am excited about the new website and for having Sweat Cardio and Yoga workouts in this new way.  We are all facing challenges in these uncertain times but so grateful that this very important opportunity to
either remain healthy or seek wellness hasn’t changed. You’re  in good hands with Michelle Rotell. She truly cares about her clients both professionally and personally. Her workouts will help you seek the wellness you deserve. Her decades of fitness knowledge and nutrition are the tools she shares to get
you there.  Thank you Sweat Cardio and Yoga for the continued support."  Erin Lista  San Diego, CA

 In November I was trying out different studios and when I went into Sweat everyone made me feel welcome like I was part of the tribe already. The variety of workouts are amazing and I can pick and choose what my needs are for that day. As you are doing the workouts they modify it for your fitness levels, explain the proper positions for the poses, and keep me motivated during my practice and I am inspired to try harder. I have never been a gym person, and I was willing to follow Sweat to a gym, but now this online program is perfect for me and they bring the energy right into my home -Leigh Strickland

Sweat Cardio connects me with a community of strong females that empower me through movement and sweat! My job requires me to travel often so it’s refreshing to know I have the consistency and variety of online classes and to feel the accountability from other members. I was a studio member years ago when I lived in Temecula and it’s so great to be part of this fitness community again virtually! This unprecedented time has been hard and having a routine to look forward to brings me a sense of normalcy. I look forward to my morning workout ritual and it nurtures my mind, body and spirit. 🧘🏼‍♀️🕉 I am just so thankful, youR videos brought me back to my love of exercise, and this online group is the best! Rebecca Cayman Islands

I have never felt so inspired to workout, stretch and take care of my body as I do with the classes offered through Sweat, Cardio & Yoga's online portal. The fact that the instructors are doing the workout with me (suffering through the same exercises), providing motivation while keeping it real make it highly approachable. Also, being shown modifications for each exercise means I can do the workout safely at whatever my current fitness level is. I so appreciate the variety in styles, length of workout and intensity. There's something here for everyone and every day of the week. - Sahana, Redwood City, CA

So grateful for Sweat Cardio and Yoga.  Amazing group of dedicated instructors and excellent class choices. Thank you for stepping up during the COVID-19 pandemic and posting workout videos.  I’m forever grateful to be part of such an amazing group.  Leanne Mass

When I found Sweat Cardio and Yoga Studio, I was looking for smaller and more intimate setting with classes I was familiar with or felt I needed and was will to try.  I immediately like all the instructors.  Their focus on safety, form and modifications were always addressed.  Now that classes have moved to live video, I can follow along with the broadcast or catch it later when it's more convenient.  It is easy to find the class I'm looking for.  I can get a good workout and always feel better after doing it.  Stretch classes are very important to me.  I have been recovering from an injury, effecting so many other parts of my body.  Pilates is a class I have always loved.  Between these two classes in particular, I cover much of the physical therapy, cardio and strengthening I need.  Gentle Yoga and Yoga Flow have also been good for me.  Trying out some of the other classes while I'm at home.  Michelle, as well as the other instructors, are so knowledgeable of the physiology of the body and the correlation with mind and intention.  Their total commitment to better health, strength and positive support is what encourages me to keep it up.  They are an inspiration to be and have become my friends.  So,...I encourage anyone to join us.  (My husband did.)  Become a member and support a great group of wonderful  instructors and have some fun with your workouts. If I can do it, anyone can!  With gratitude and sincerity,   I think you are so terrific Michelle.  I love your sincerity and positivity.  In short, I love you! 😉 Margaret