Learn More about our Instructors and Influencers

Michelle Rotell: Owner, Instructor:

Michelle has been teaching and coaching classes for over 30 years. She has owned her own studio for the past 11 years but recently transitioned to bringing her health and fitness community online. She has taught nationally and internationally throughout the years to students as well as other instructors. Her passion is keeping it real and making fitness fun and personal-able. She loves teaching everything from high intensity Cycling to bringing it down to your breath with slow gentle yoga. She also specializes in preventing injury and post injury recovery using yoga, stretch and myofascial release.  She wants to get to know you and improve this site to make it best for you. Please contact her with your questions, suggestions or comments.

Theresa Ellis: Instructor
   Theresa is from Salt Lake City, UT. She is married with 2 kids and moved
to Temecula and loves it. She loves mountain biking, snowboarding and
hiking. She loves anything fitness. She teaches indoor cycle,
Chisel/Sculpt, Bootcamp and HIIT classes. She believes strongly that the
body fuels the mind and that fitness is a never ending journey. Her
goal is to make that journey as enjoyable and challenging as possible.

Mark Drake: Instructor  Mark has been participating in fitness and competitive sports since he was a teenager.  He now enjoys teaching Boot Camp, Kettlebells, TRX, Tabata Sculpt and Indoor Cycling class formats that provide a challenging and exhilarating workout where you will be guaranteed to sweat! He loves challenging people to reach their goals and watching them transform their bodies through exercise for flexibility and to unify mind, body and spirit. Come and enjoy a workout with Mark!

Kacy Hill: Instructor

Rebecca Deponte: Instructor  Rebecca has loved pilates and yoga for 20 years and has been teaching both for the past 6.  She has found the physical activity combined with the focus of intention to be fulfilling.  She focuses on meeting yourself where you are at, being positive and grateful for the tiny things.  In addition, Rebecca enjoys hiking, soccer, running and circuit training.  She is also a kindergarten teacher who holds a B.A. in from Cal State Fullerton in Communications as well as a teaching credential in elementary education. 

Amy Manning: Instructor

Charla Miller: Beauty/Health Consultant Influencer